Veni Vidi Movie is a Production Company based in Vienna that over the years has managed to deliver high quality services to diverse customers in multiple fields of activity. From music videos to commercials, from films to sports events, VVM counts with a multifaceted and experienced team that has caught the attention of many multinational brands seeking for excellence. Versatility, Experience and Professionalism are the keys to our success. We do not aim to achieve our clients' requests; we aim to transcend them, not only by offering innovative and creative solutions, but also by adapting to the client's needs and expectations. This is the main reason why VVM counts with so many satisfied customers.

Due to many years of experience and to the perfectionism that characterizes VVM, we have learned and mastered the most advanced film producing techniques. Our search for constant improvement enables us to be constantly up to date with the latest technology in order to find as many solutions as possible to excel in our activities.

In our Industry, staying tuned with the latest innovations determines ones survival; for us it is not about surviving, it is a passion, a practice we would keep regardless of the necessity to do it.

Making of award-winning Metube Musicvideo


Some Actors/Artists/Directors VVM worked with: Christoph Waltz, John Cleese, Daniel Auteuil, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Isabelle Huppert, Tom Schilling, Juliette Binoche, Lang Lang, Victoria Beckham, Wyclef Jean, Michael Haneke, Ulrich Seidl, Götz Spielmann, Stefan Ruzowitzky, Jaques Deray...

Making of MeTube